About Our Messenger

1. Do not post advertisements, offensive material, profanity, misinformation or personal attacks.

Please be considerate of others. This site is dedicated to civil dialog. Dialog, not foul language or threats.
No inappropriate language or threats of personal or property harm will be tolerated.
The only things a third grader should learn if they stumble onto this site is how to use acceptable language. And that folks can disagree civilly.

Browser based messaging. Apple, Android, Windows... If it has a browser, it works. No app needed.
It will not interrupt your life. No bings, dings or tunes. Just check in occasionally.
The site has a few news and tech RSS feeds for the times that you have nothing else to do.

Any registered member can start a new group. That member will be listed as the owner of the group and is responsible for keeping the messaging of the group in line with the above rule.

New groups can be public or private.
Public groups can be joined by any member.

There are two versions of the private groups.
Private "request" groups will be visible in the join group list but the owner must OK a registered member requesting to join.
Private "invite" groups will not appear in the join group list and the owner must contact the registered member with an invitation to join.

To avoid conversations within conversations, we limit replies to 6 levels.